The English-language master’s program “International News Production”

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1 сентября

Высшая Школа Экономики, Москва

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The English-language master’s program “International News Production


Modern media environment is characterized by significant changes in the field of news production, content distribution and its consumption. Information flow becomes increasingly global. International mainstream media are challenged by great variety of alternative sources of information - both online and offline. And demand for such sources is increasing rapidly.

The English-language master’s program “International News Production” teaches future specialists the basic of modern news. It is also an opportunity to master the latest innovations that will allow students to work effectively in the modern news outlets – both   globally and locally. 

The program provides on-site training in multimedia production of news content at international newsrooms. The lectures on modern media theory give a chance to accumulate knowledge in modern world media systems and industrial trends. The course also helps to build the skills in news analysis and the agenda setting in modern media environment.

We are glad to welcome both employees of Russian and foreign media as well as specialists in other spheres with fluent English.  


Additional information can be found on the page of this program Moreover, you are able to ask any questions to the head of the master’s office (Buryachenko Andrey, +7(495)772-95-90*22420, e-mail:

You can apply via this link